About FortOrding.com

Our campus exists on the site of Fort Ord, California, a former army installation.

This project was created by a collaborative team comprised of a CSUMB professor, two students and two alumni. For project credits, please click here.

We created this project in order to:

  1. Understand and document our ephemeral landscape.
  2. Gather and present the Murals of Fort Ord.
  3. Provide a community forum (via our blog) for former residents, community members and other experts to share stories, information and images of Fort Ord.
  4. Explore and better understand the ecology of Fort Ord.

This journey though our everyday landscape has changed the way we see.

In homage to Major General Ord, cartographer, we present maps as the interface to the Web site. (For a more complete history of Fort Ord, please click here.)

Our project will progress in three phases:

Phase One: The Abandoned City—Hometown Travelogue

Phase One consists of photo galleries depicting the most densely landscaped areas of the former base. Comprised of the northwestern section (a small fraction of the overall acreage), these areas are being rapidly repurposed and demolished.

This portion of our project functions as travelogue. We offer evidence of our explorations of the abandoned city that surrounds us. We endeavor to systematically document the landscape, murals painted by generations of soldiers stationed at the base, and the architecture that still stands.

The images depict the inevitable destruction of institutional architecture, the reverberation of globally significant history, and the muteness of artworks now hanging in sealed darkness.

Phase Two: Open Call—Community and History

During Phase Two, we will collaborate with a larger, informed community to describe the histories suggested by the photographs on FortOrding.com

We extend an open call. We invite submissions of text, images, links to Web sites, and videos relating to Fort Ord. To submit, or for more information, please email: opencall@fortording.com

We will present what we collect on an ongoing basis our Blog site.

Join us on Facebook.

All authors, artists, and collectors will retain copyrights to what they submit.

We aim to create a forum for all those interested Fort Ord.

Phase Three: Outer Ord—Topography, Army and Ecology

During 2010, we will continue our explorations of the vast Fort Ord landscape, documenting ongoing changes. We will focus on explorations of the unique post-army ecology of the site.